CCFI started its new program of granting scholarships to students who are called to study as full time pastors in 2001. Initially, four (4) students from the Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) and one (1) student from International School of Theology (ISOT Asia) benefited from the program.


Pig Dispersal Project

Pig Dispersal Project is a livelihood program launched day CCFI in June 1991 to help augment the income of the pastors and of their church members as well. This project not only train them to be good stewards as well as lead them to helping and encouraging one another to work and plan things harmoniously in His name.

Christian publications

Through the years, CCFI has published 7 very powerful books:

  • The Conqueror Collection
  • Father Heart of God
  • Leadership that Builds
  • Coincidence or Miracle? 1
  • Pagkakataon o Himala?
  • Coincidence of Miracle? 2
  • Blessings in Disguise (Coincidence or Miracle? 3)

Bible Distribution

The Philippines is blessed with the freedom of reading and studying God’s word. But there are some paces in our country where scarcity of bibles is experienced. With this situation, we desire to advance God’s kingdom by supporting pastors in distributing free bibles in their ministries.

Adopt-a-Pastor Program (AAP)

A growing number of ministries nationwide are dedicating themselves easing the stress of pastors and their families. Leaders from these ministries say the well-being of pastors often is lost amid the 24-hour, on-call work of caring for other people’s needs. If ministers’ emotional, physical and spiritual needs are neglected, it can lead to burnout, yielding to temptations or leaving the ministry altogether.

In a nutshell, the Adopt-A-Pastor Program gives financial support to full-time Christian workers mostly in the provinces of the Philippines whose congregations are too small to support their basic needs. The financial support depends on the actual need and situation of the pastor or Christian worker and is given every month upon submission of their monthly report. When it was started, only two pastors were adopted as a pilot project. It proved to be a fruitful endeavour. Support rose to 8 pastors in 1987 and the number of pastors in the program has steadily increased since then. This was made possible through the generous contributions of sponsors and donors as well as through the simple awareness campaign initiated by the ministry here and abroad.

Some donors to CCFI signify how many pastors they would like to adopt and for how long. Some give specific names of pastors assigned in their preferred town or province. CCFI likewise works with Christian organizations such as the PCEC, PJM and others to obtain lists of pre-selected pastors for possible “adoption” into the program.